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Innovation and experience.

Thieme - Printing Systems - Polyurethane Systems


Thieme has been internationally successful for decades in both of its business sectors polyurethane and printing systems. With innovative products, we are technology leaders in our markets...

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Reaction Injection Molding THIEME Polyurethan

Excellence in Plastic Solutions.

Thieme - Polyurethane Systems


The custom parts manufactured at Thieme Corporation include plastic enclosures, housings, covers, structural parts and system solutions for device manufacturers in the medical, automotive, analytical, laboratory, industrial, agricultural, commercial and heavy equipment industries. 

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Printing Systems THIEME Drucksysteme

A class in itself.

Thieme - Printing Systems


Thieme is an international leader in high-quality screen printing and digital printing systems. Our products are state-of-the-art and distinguish themselves by the highest printing quality and efficiency.

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