Adhesives / Seals

Screen printing is an outstanding technique for partial coating with adhesives.
Its short processing times and reliable quality, however, also make screen printing ideal for the printing of flat seals, e.g. in the fuel cell sector.



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Special features 

  • Precisely defined and reproducible layer thicknesses due to the selection of various screen printing fabrics (from 5 - 160 µm)
  • No overspray, punching waste or other adhesive loss due to flat coating 
  • Precise restriction of the adhesive edges even with fine lines, isolated points and complicated geometric patterns
  • Efficient series production due to high coating speed and fast processing
  • High coating performance as a dispenser system for large coating surfaces or a large number of points

Examples of use 

  • Cylinder-head gasket
  • Gluing of LCDs
  • Floors
  • Fuel cells

Machinery examples

THIEME 1000 THIEME-1000_kl The little allrounder
THIEME LAB 1000 THIEME-LAB-1000_kl The High-precision-machine
THIEME Vision THIEME Vision kl The Exact
THIEME 3000 THIEME-3000_kl The Little Fast

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