Baydur ® at Thieme

For the manufacture of molded parts made of polyurethane, Baydur ® of the Covestro AG is used at Thieme in different material specifications.

Baydur ® 66 FR is the ideal material to realize different wall thicknesses and densities. In addition, the combination of massive edges and micro porous cores can be realized. The manufacture of molded parts of different sizes and dimensions is carried out as a sandwich structure.

Products made of Baydur ® 66 FR excel through an optimal relationship of stiffness, stability and weight. A high degree of design stability can even be realized in filigree areas. Different wall thicknesses (5-30 mm) are also possible with Baydur ® 66 FR without sink marks. The average wall thickness is approx. 10 mm. Complicated three dimensional parts, even with long flow paths can be manufactured without issue. The insulation properties for noise and temperature are benefits of the material Baydur ® 66 FR. The integration of functional contours and elements is possible without issue. At low and medium annual part quantities, economical manufacturing of molded parts is possible . The material Baydur ® 66 FR is used in enclosures, housings and covers which require and aesthetic external design and functionality internally.


Baydur ® 110 FR is the polyurethane system which is used by Thieme for thin wall parts. Despite the thin-walled property, the produced part is very impact resistant. With Baydur ® 110 FR, dimension and wall thickness relationships are realized which were considered impossible in the past. The result is a thin wall, compact and homogenous structure which has a filigree molded part appearance similar to thermoplastic parts and still retains its impact resistance. The average common wall thickness is between 4-6 mm. Thieme uses the material Baydur ® 110 FR for large surface and strong covers with long flow paths. In comparison to other manufacturing processes, these parts can include all the necessary holes, foldings and stiffness ribs within one process. Locating, bracketing and fixing elements can also be molded in.

Baydur ® GS is a material which is used in a casting process and is found where high mechanical and chemical resistance is required. Parts are produced which include a high impact resistance, stiffness and thermal stability. Another advantage is the high chemical resistance and an especially good decomposition resistance. The material Baydur ® GS makes it possible to manufacture wall thicknesses between 4 and 100 mm. economically, as even with very high wall thicknesses the molding cycle is relatively short. The light weight of the parts made of Baydur ® GS, the corrosion resistance and the impact resistance are advantages which fit together with the price performance ratio. As relatively low investments are necessary for molds, Baydur ® GS is used mainly for highly stressed functional parts and can be found increasingly as a substitute for metal castings of aluminum, zinc or steel.

Baydur ® = a registered trademark of the Covestro AG, Leverkusen, Germany

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