Cleaning and ionizing

Reliable and gentle removal of dust and other particles from surfaces is an important condition for the production of high-quality printed materials when screen printing or digital printing is used for printing or coating. Surface cleaning thus represents an important step in the printing process.

Cleaning and ionizing



  • Cleaning of surfaces contaminated by dust and particles
  • The particular advantage is the consistently high cleaning quality, even in cases of high particle contamination, without sacrificing the quality of the printed material being cleaned
  • Removal of static charges from surfaces • Process reliability at a consistently high level
  • High machine availability 
  • Low operating and follow-up costs • Also possible for large printing widths of up to 3300 mm

Mounting on the print table: 

  • Combination of air and brush technology Cleaning systems for the graphical and industrial surface cleaning of flat surfaces in the form of plates, foils, paper and cardboard.
  • An additional option is the cleaning with highly efficient elastomer and adhesive rollers. This results in a considerable reduction in production rejects, which could be caused by dust and particles on flat plates or plastic foils.


Malfunctions and production stoppages due to static charges are prevented by targeted discharging and thus increase the efficiency and productivity of the printing processes. The targeted elimination of static charge ensures a flawless material flow of the printed materials whereby trouble-free sheet transport can be guaranteed within the print line. This not only improves the printing process, but is also an optimal condition for further processing.


  • Cost-reducing performance increase 
  • Reduced downtimes and stoppage times
  • Higher production speeds are possible
  • Better printing quality
  • Reduced coating time
  • Optimal usage of the Thieme printing machine
  • Reduced consumption of inks, printing materials and cleansers

Clean room or controlled area

Additional recommendation - Production of high quality prints in the clean room or controlled area. A clean room is a room where the concentration of airborne particles is kept as low as possible. Properly setting up the clean room or controlled area immensely reduces the dust and particle loading.


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