THIEME Developing platform

To test the printability and for the evaluation of inks and fluids

Print Engine


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  • New opportunities for the development of printing inks
  • Verification of suitability and printability of a particular ink
  • Tests off ink compatibility with a specific print head
  • Fine tuning of print parameters

THIEME Print Engine

  • Fluids for an industrial coating application can be evaluated for the printability using the inkjet process
  • For ink manufacturers and industrial users
  • Print heads from different manufacturers (Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Dimatix) can be integrated and controlled
  • The Print Engine is designed as a flexible and transportable Tabletop System
  • Ink Supply System (optional)
  • Suitable for testing adhesives, electrically conductive inks, resists / Paints and coatings

Drop Watch

  • The print engine is equipped with a Drop Watcher (ink-jet printing system analysis)
  • Drop formation can be analyzed in flight


Print Engine_e


Printable inks UV-, Solvent-, water-based and functional inks (others on request)
Scalable 1:1 on Thieme Digital platform
Adjustable Parameter waveform, temerature, meniscusvacuum, fire frequency, greyscale-level
Evaluable Parameter printing stability, drop size and drop formation


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