Digital printing machines

The highly variable Thieme digital printing machines are not merely an adaptation of typical graphics machines but are rather completely tailored to the needs of industrial customers. Highly precise drive technology and selected components make it possible to achieve very high resolution and productivity.

Digital Printing Machines


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Digital printing with new freedom

The customer is not tied to a certain supplier in the selection of its inks. Thieme also makes it possible for customers to select from approved ink systems or to have their own in-house inks evaluated on the open Thieme development platform with regard to their usage. The customer does not need to purchase the approved inks from Thieme. They can purchase them directly from their preferred ink manufacturer/supplier.

One of Thieme's strengths is its ability to fully adjust the printing systems to the needs of its customers. Not only the printing technology but also the format can be customised instead of the standard formats. Thieme builds its machines with your ideal printing size.

The multipass system can be used to print the most diverse materials (paper, cardboard, foil, glass, metal, plastic) which are transported by the movable print table or by belts, rollers or grippers. This also makes various degrees of automation possible ranging up to the fully automated print line.

Special features

  • High-precision linear drive technology enables excellent printing quality
  • The open system allows unlimited access for the systematic adjustment of all key processing parameters
  • Nearly unlimited printing formats from the matchbox to the façades of houses.
  • The THIEME LAB Digital and the Print Engine for the reliable development of the digital printing process.
  • Versatility, e.g. by replaceability and expansion of the ink systems, expansion of the number of printheads and upgrades

Machine overview


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