Covers, Enclosures & Housings are common in our environment today – whether in medical devices, utility vehicles, railroad cars or other applications. The requirements are multiple and very customer-specific.

Thieme produces various covers, enclosures and housings made of polyurethane – the ideal material for modern design. No other material can be so versatile in product design as polyurethane (PUR) when coupled with the RIM molding process.. The low weight in combination with impact resistance, stiffness and a high design stability of polyurethane is ideal to combine aesthetic, ergonometric and functional features.

The main areas of application of the thin-wall large-surface covers with a high level of noise absorption and good thermal insulation properties are machine covers, roof covers for railroad cars, instrument panel for vehicles such as fork lifts, medical devices, CTs, film development equipment, tanning devices or other health, wellness and lifestyle products.

Thieme accompanies you with the experience of over 4000 different customer-specific applications and more than 40 years of experience in the production of polyurethane molded parts.

At Thieme, we find solutions, are competent and reliable. In the manufacturing process, we design and manufacture PUR RIM molded parts from prototype to series production. We take all of our customer-specific requirements into consideration such as; the required part surface, part design and functionality, wall thickness, mechanical properties, thermal stability, thermal insulation, noise reduction and the quality of surface painting and surface finish required.

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