Energy Management Foam

Thieme manufactures energy management foam and energy impact foam as passive safety parts for cars as interior and exterior parts.

Examples are inlets for bumpers, head safety elements in the roof, arm rests and in the A/B/C columns and knee and side impact protection. One of the main requirements on the material is to absorb suddenly occurring impact. . These molded parts of highest density and strength combine design stability and low weight. Their precision and repeatability are important factors.

Head impact protection: thin energy management foam parts protect the head in an accident. With PUR energy absorption, the head protection can be realized even in the smallest areas. Design requirements can be kept more easily and the space can be used optimally.

Knee impact protection: Under the steering column, energy absorbers are integrated in order to protect the knee in an accident from the steering column. An integrated sheet metal insert in the PUR foam part is responsible for an addition distribution of the stress.

Side impact protection: energy management foam parts, integrated in the doors reduce the energy effectively in a side impact accident. They protect passengers against injury in the hip or rib area and can be effectively combined with side airbags. Depending on the job to do, hip or rib protection, the hardness of the material is adjusted optimally.

Bumper inlets: several elements made of an irreversible energy management foam are integrated in the bumper. This foam is pressed together under impact by 30 – 40% and expands afterwards to approx. 97% of its original shape.

Pedestrian protection: In a few years, pedestrian protection will probably be newly regulated more strictly. Thieme offers the possibility to back-foam decorative films with energy absorbing elements. These “soft” bumpers offer pedestrians significant improvement during collisions with a vehicle, especially in the leg area.

Regardless of which type of energy absorber – Thieme offers safety.

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Energy Management Foam

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