Plastic molded parts

Thieme produces plastic molded parts of polyurethane with a projected surface area of up to 6m² and weigh between 200 g and 50 kg

Polyurethane (PUR) is a thermoset plastic material which is created in a reactive multi-component system. In these systems, two fluid components, polyolefin and isocyanides are brought together. The solidification is then an exothermal reaction.

Hence, a plastic is created which in addition to excellent design properties also has good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, a high abrasive resistance, noise and thermal insulation as well as the possibility to paint the surface and to be printed.

In order to create high-quality plastic molded parts out of this material, Thieme customers are partnered with Thieme engineers throughout the complete project process - from the first discussion to final product delivery.

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Plastic molded parts

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