Printed electronics

The application opportunities of functional printing processes know no bounds and something new is being added every day: for example, the production of antennas, membrane keypads or strip conductors.
We support our customers in the development of new processes by providing process entry solutions ("Lab-to-Fab"), which we test in our own technical centre. We also perform feasibility studies.

Printed electronics


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Thieme offers customized systems ranging from the semi-automated machine to the roll-roll system which are impressively reproducible with their easy parameter change, high precision and sophisticated technology. The custom-fit handling technology can also be easily integrated in different measuring systems. The adjustment options such as squeegee angle, diagonal position of the squeegee mechanism or sieve lifting height make the machine even more individualised.

Special features

An application in printed electronics does not depend on the electronic function of the material but rather also on its process capacity in the corresponding printing process. - Full-surface coating with defined layer thickness - Highly precise partial coating of functional materials (e.g. gasket material, adhesive materials; conductive materials) - Printing of electronic and organic components (e.g.. solar cells, RFID, batteries, fuel cell elements) - Precision printing of several identical or different layers

Examples of use

  •  Strip conductors on foils or circuit boards
  • Sensors 
  • Large-surface application of ITO and IMITO coatings
  • OLED
  • Resistors
  • EMC coatings 
  • RFID

Machinery examples

THIEME 1000 E THIEME-1000E_kl The Electronic
THIEME LAB 1000 THIEME-LAB-1000_kl The High-precision-machine
THIEME Vision THIEME Vision kl The Exact
THIEME 3000 D THIEME-3000D_kl

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