PUR Covers and Housings

Whether on railroad cars, utility vehicles, agricultural vehicles, medical equipment or other applications, PUR Covers and Housings are omnipresent. At the same time, the part requirements are many and very customer-specific. In many cases, it is important to achieve properties such as a high level of noise absorption and thermal insulation. This can be achieved through a thick or variable wall section of the part.

PUR Covers and Housings can also include thin-wall characteristics such as those found in typical thermo formed, fibreglass lay up or injection molded parts. Polyurethane (PUR) is the ideal material to achieve either of these wall thickness characteristics. Together with all of Thieme’s experience and the various material systems and wall sections available, our high-value PUR Covers and Housings are created.

Areas of application of thin-wall large-surface covers with a high level of noise absorption and good thermal insulation properties include :

Roof coverings for railroad cars, machine covers, machining center covers, instrument panels for fork-lift vehicles etc., medical devices enclosures & housings, CT covers & panels, film developing equipment, lab analysis equipment housings, and sun-tanning bed enclosures.

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PUR Covers and Housings

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