PUR Molded Parts

The performance requirements on plastic molded parts and especially on PUR molded parts are diverse and always very customer-specific. At Thieme, PUR molded parts are manufactured for industrial, medical, agricultural, heavy equipment and automotive markets. Typical applications include housings, enclosures, coverings, panels, doors, and functional structural parts are produced.. For the automotive market, safety relevant parts including impact energy absorbing foams, decorative parts, bumpers and auxiliary parts such as part holders or special material handling containers for logistics are produced.

From the first project meeting through the delivery of complete systems – at Thieme, you are in the best of hands.

With over 40 years experience in manufacturing and RIM molding consulting, we assure you excellent and innovative complete service at a competitive price-performance-ratio. Quality and environmental consciousness accompany our products. Thieme is the technological market leader in the manufacture of molded parts made of Polyurethane. 

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PUR molded Parts

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