Quality and the Environment

For many years, THIEME have been placing high value on a consistent quality policy and environmentally friendly production procedures. The results of this are extensive internal quality and environmental management systems that are verified regularly.

Continuous improvement in the area of quality and the environment is moreover part of the corporate philosophy. Continuous improvement projects are defined for this to contribute to performance optimization. An internal control group monitors implementation of corporate policy to recognize weaknesses and consider new developments.




At Thieme, customer satisfaction and compliance with customer requirements are our primary objectives. Strong quality consciousness utilizing the competences of our experienced long-term employees combined with continually trained specialists help realize the development and implementation of print systems realizing complete customer solutions.

Application and continuous improvement of established processes and methods make it possible for us to execute your order economically and at the same time with the highest quality standards.
Comprehensive quality checks along the entire production chain from supplier to goods receipt inspection, construction, scheduling, and assembly, ensure a high-quality ready to install machine free of errors.
The added value for our customers is not only the leading edge print technology, but expectations for quality and service are met as well.

Investing in a high-quality Thieme product means investing in the future.


THIEME plans for the future. Holistic environmental protection is the objective and a fixed component of our corporate policy.

UmweltTransferring environmental responsibility to all levels of organization and integration of consultingenvironmental specialists means that the objective is supported by the entire company. Continuous improvement of operational environmental protection is supported at THIEME, as is environmentally friendly production.

Determination of environmental aspects and determination of environmental importance is performed based on the company’s materials and energy usage, which lead to special importance in procurement. Environmental management is based on general environmental objectives like improvement of operational environmental protection or reduction of waste volumes and operating materials. Concrete implementation is performed via projects in the scope of the environmental program describing the responsibilities on target achievement in compliance with schedules.

Motivating our employees' environmental consciousness is as important as long-term plans for environmental further developments in the scope of support projects and operationally-internal tests.


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