Quality and the Environment

For many years, Thieme have been placing high value on a consistent quality policy and environmentally friendly production procedures. The result of this are certified quality and environmental management systems. Regular verifications of this management system by external auditors secure its efficiency.

Continuous improvement in the area of quality and the environment is part of our corporate philosophy. For this, Thieme defines continuous improvement projects each year. These so-called KVPs contribute to optimizing performance. An internal control group thus monitors implementation of these corporate policies to recognize weaknesses and consider new developments.




We received the following certifications in external audits:

Polyurethane products
ISO 9001
Polyurethane automotive parts
IATF 16949
Polyurethane parts
Thieme TC 9001 Thieme IATF 16949 Thieme 9001
Certificate for THIEME Corporation, USA Certificate for THIEME GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Certificate for THIEME GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and THIEME S.A.S., France


Other approvals:

  • ULQMRX2 Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
  • EN9100 ASD-EASE (Auditor Airbus Helicopters)


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THIEME plans for the future. Holistic environmental protection is the objective and a fixed component of our corporate policy.


Thieme considers the balance between economic and ecological action an important aspect of all entrepreneurial decisions. Sustainable investments in the future are the basis for long-term, positive developments - both for the company and for the ecological environment. This principle therefore not only determines Thieme's products, but also its selection of materials and the entire production process.

Determination of environmental aspects and determination of their environmental importance is mainly performed based on the materials and energy usage, which leads to special importance in procurement.

Continuous improvement of our environmental performance is achieved through projects in the scope of environmental programs. Achievement of their objectives is verified by regular audits. Many projects, like conversion of our paint shop to the exclusive use of water-based paint systems, are characterized by high innovative power.

In particular the growing legal requirements regarding use of environmentally friendly products increasingly develop into a strategic competitive factor, making Thieme an attractive partner. 

We received the following certificate in the environmental area:

DIN EN ISO 14001
Certificate for THIEME GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


Additional information can be downloaded:


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