RIM Molding - Reaction Injection Molding with Polyurethane Material Systems

  • Production sites in Germany and the USA
  • More than 180 highly qualified employees
  • 24-hour production 6 days/week
  • Mould carriers for parts of up to 65 ft² projected area and weights of 200 g to 50 kg
  • Complete systems and components from one source!


Custom RIM parts
Polyurethane and other plastics - RIM Molding

The custom RIM parts manufactured at Thieme Corporation include plastic enclosures, housings, covers, structural parts and system solutions for device manufacturers in many industries including medical, automotive, analytical, laboratory, money handling, petroleum, industrial, agricultural, commercial and heavy equipment. 

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Energy Absorbing Foam

In the automotive division, THIEME produces occupant safety components, Class A surface interior trim, impact foam parts, Custom RIM parts as well as internal plant logistics containers for the automotive industry.

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THIEME - the best solution for any case

We have been developing and producing reaction injection molded (RIM) parts for more than 40 years. OEM’s and their associated supplier networks from the automotive, healthcare, heavy equipment, agriculture and various industrial markets have been sourcing Thieme as a designer and manufacturer of low cost tooling and cost effective RIM molded plastic parts based on experience. 

Cost effective low annual production runs, tooling design and molding experience coupled with the performance characteristics of RIM and polyurethane (PUR) foam systems make Thieme an excellent choice for plastic enclosures, housings, device covers and structural parts. Thanks to polyurethane’s low weight, impact resistance, stiffness and high dimensional stability, polyurethane is an ideal material for combining aesthetics, ergonomics and function into a cost-effective product design.

Thieme’s design and quality standards set itself apart from others in the reaction injection molding (RIM) We also offer large format molding up to 8' x 8', light sub-assembly, painting, EMI shielding and complete logistics insure your project is done correctly from beginning to end and every step in-between. Thieme - Source with Experience and Cost Effectiveness.


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