Reinforced reaction injection molding (RRIM) is a special manufacturing process (high speed system) in plastics processing.

Two fluid components, polyolefin and isocyanides (if necessary with some strengtheners) are mixed in mixing head and injected into a mold under high pressure.

With the RRIM system, high heat and strength stable covers are manufactured. The high level of heat stability is an important advantage of this system. Hence, the in-line painting of such parts is possible in the automobile market. In order to manufacture such RRIM parts, machine presses with higher clamping forces similar to those in thermoplastic injection molding are necessary.

Thieme produces plastic parts with the RRIM PUR process. Due to close cooperation with network partners, manufacturing in RRIM as well as other molding processes are possible. With Thieme, there is the ability to select the best-suited production method for each part. With our central in-house painting facility, uniform and top-quality surfaces can be achieved. Sub assembly of the individual parts and accessories for a complete part system can also be executed by Thieme. Ask us – we are pleased to supply you with our extensive RIM molding knowledge, experience and information.

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