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Brilliant, unique, flexible!
The highly developed THIEME screen printing systems for industrial and graphical applications offer a wide range of options, both in in terms of printing quality and with regard to the printable materials and material thicknesses.

Screen Printing


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The THIEME screen printing system

Whether optical prints or functional coatings of foils, in the semi-conductor or sensor range - screen printing offers an amazing variety of choices. From semi-automatic systems to multi-color lines, Thieme offers important components for industrial and graphical screen printing.

New ideas and developments are constantly being tested for practical suitability at the Thieme Technical Center. Economical concepts result from the usage of the newest technologies which mean economic benefits and additional advantages for Thieme customers.

From the overall conception right up to “turnkey” installation, Thieme is your professional partner.

  • Innovative customised solutions
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Thieme quality "Made in Germany"
  • Highest print quality
  • Multi-layer printing process with perfect precision fit
  • Special solutions

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