Signs cannot be ignored and always convey a message. Their shape, colour and function must match the individual wishes of the customer.
The Thieme screen printing and digital printing machines for signs, such as those printed on metal, plastic or self-adhesive foil, are an ideal solution for everything from industrial labelling to decorative automobile adornments.



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The path to the perfect sign

The multifaceted object signposting in indoor and outdoor areas requires razor-sharp printed images and precise labelling. Optional machine equipment for industry-specific requirements achieves vibrant colours, high-gloss surfaces, shimmering effects and finishings. Or they achieve something special and create a work of art from their printing material.

Special features

  • Fast set-up times and many programmable logic parameters
  • Thieme machines guarantee high productivity
  • Surface finishes against extreme loading (heat and sunlight, graffiti resistant)

Examples of use

  • Traffic signs • Door signs
  • Prohibitory signs, mandatory signs
  • Emblems
  • Warning signs
  • Neon signs
  • Informational signs
  • Neon advertising systems

Machinery examples

THIEME 500 THIEME-500_kl The Starting
THIEME 1000 THIEME-1000_kl The little allrounder
THIEME 3000 THIEME-3000_kl The Little Fast

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