Substrate arrangement

The substrates for many printing processes must be precisely fitted to the print. Depending on its type and application, the substrate can be aligned in various manners.
Two basic types of alignment are generally used — an optical alignment by means of a camera system or sensors and a mechanical alignment for the substrate edge or by the usage of pilot pins when register holes are punched.

Substrate arrangement

Placement pins / pilot pins

Placement pins and pilot pins for substrate alignment can be supplied in various designs. The position of the pins can also be individually specified.

Centre position

Substrates can also be aligned with their centre point to provide uniform information on their dimensional tolerances. Centre position is used very frequently for rigid materials and is generally a mechanical alignment using centring rollers and sliders.

Printing material alignment by camera

Two CCD cameras are often used to position multiply printed substrates with high printing precision. They can be aligned in this manner with up to +/- 10 µm precision depending on the application. Index markers are used for precise alignment. They are applied with the first print or taken over by an upstream process such as laser marking


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