Thermoforming and FRP Parts

If you currently use thermoforming or FRP for your device covers, enclosures or housings, you need to consider the benefits of converting these parts to RIM molding.

If you are still manufacturing parts in FRP, RIM will reduce the total weight of the part, reduce the part cost and make the parts more repeatable.

Thermoforming parts is typically less costly from a material and tooling perspective relative to RIM molding but the post mold operations and reliability costs related to thermoforming are less when using RIM.

With RIM you can mold in design features such as bosses, strengthening ribs, pockets, slots, wire guides and a number of other features which are normally done post mold with thermoforming.

This dramically reduces cost and increases reliability and repeatability. A significant advantage over thermoforming.


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