Both systems Screen positioning and Substrate positioning provide together the Optimum of short set-up times, low reject rate and high repeatability. Each Vision-System can also be used separately.

Screen positioning

  • Automatic Setup
  • Reduce set-up times
  • High-precision screen alignment
  • Minimum maculation prints

Substrate positioning

  • High-precision printing-material-alignment
  • Reduction of maculation prints
  • Automatic switching of tolerances
  • High reproducibility

Technical data

Screen positioning

Substrate positioning
Number of cameras 2 Number of cameras up 4
Positioning accuracy till +/- 15 um* Positioning accuracy till +/- 15 um*
Alignment mark

round, white         D: 1,5mm

Alignment mark flexible
Alignment period 1 - 2 s** Alignment period 1 -2 s**
Screen adjustment electromotive Table alignment electromotive, air bearing
Control Siemens Table power unit servomotor
Camera resolution 0,01 mm Camera resolution 0,01 mm
Alignment window 12 mm x 12 mm Alignment window 12 mm x 12 mm

* = machine-dependent
** = as a function of accuracy


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