Both systems Screen positioning and Substrate positioning provide together the Optimum of short set-up times, low reject rate and high repeatability. Each Vision-System can also be used separately.


Screen positioning

  • Vision_Siebpositionierung.jpgAutomatic Setup
  • Reduce set-up times
  • High-precision screen alignment
  • Minimum maculation prints

During the screen production process 2 marks are inserted at specific locations on each screen. If the screen is inserted into the machine and positioned using the standard 3-point system, the two alignment points will be in the defined camera window.
The camera system detects the position of the alignment points and thus the position of the screen and moves the screen automatically to the desired position.

Technical Data

Screen positioning

Number of cameras 2
Alignment mark round, white; D: 1,5mm
Alignment period 1 - 2 s*
Screen adjustment electromotive
Control Siemens
Camera resolution 0,01 mm
Alignment window 12 mm x 12 mm

* = as a function of accuracy

Substrate positioning

  • Vision_Substratpositionierung.jpgHigh-precision printing-material-alignment
  • Reduction of maculation prints
  • Automatic switching of tolerances
  • High reproducibility

With the first print 2 - 4 registration marks are printed. Each time you print the camera system detects the position of the registration marks of the first print. The air bearing printing-table with the fixed substrate moves to the desired position. After very precise alignment the printing table moves underneath the printhead and the substrate is printed.
By using the system, various alignment-scenarios can be selected (z. B. mediation in material- shrinkage).

Technical Data
Substrate positioning
Number of cameras up 4
Alignment mark flexible
Alignment period 1 -2 s*
Table alignment electromotive, air bearing
Table power unit servomotor
Camera resolution 0,01 mm
Alignment window 12 mm x 12 mm

* =  as a function of accuracy


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